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You ship; we shoot.

You ship; we shoot. This is our unique approach to capturing high-quality product photographs and videos. You "ship" your products to us, we "shoot" them in our studio or any other relevant location, and then we "deliver" the pictures to you via mail. Just simple, hassle-free, high-quality shots, with no hassles.

Our skilled team is currently hard at work bringing to life the ideas of some of the top businesses in a range of fields from across the world. 

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Describe your product

Tell us about your product's features, its usage, target market, and business goals.


Send your reference

During a phone or video consultation, we can discuss how you want your products shot.


Ship or drop your product

Pack your products carefully and ship them to us at: 609, Lakshmi Bhavan, Anna Salai,

Thousand Lights, Ch-06.


Review and approve shot

After the shoot and editing are finished, we will email you your optimized, high-resolution images.

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